Technologies for a kind future

Who is Clear Walter?

Clear Walter is an innovative global technology company focused on investing in technologies in the automotive and healthcare industry as well as providing solutions for companies in the areas of clean air management, clean energy, transport electrification and healthcare

Our Scope

Clean air

Filter process auto­mation, detection and testing

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Clean water

Water treatments and recycling, testing machines

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Clean energy

Solar, waste manage­ment

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Electrification of trans­por­tation

Climate protection, dwindling fossil fuels and increased mobility and transport...

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Private Equity

Promoting techno­lo­gies that protect our envi­ron­ment and healthy life

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Our Scope in Detail

Battery Thermal Manage­ment

With the surge in the electrification of the power­train, elec­trical energy storage is increas­ingly becoming...

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As a supply partner for the auto­mo­tive industry, Clear Walter assists its customers in the develop­ment of highly efficient auto­ma­tion...

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Automotive Lighting

As a supply partner for the auto­mo­tive indus­try, Clear Walter assists its custom­ers with the develop­ment and deliv­ery of highly effi­cient...

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Laser Cutting

High efficient fiber laser cutting machines make their contribution to CO2 reduction by low working power, reducing material waste...

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End-of-line testers (EoL) are respon­sible for the manu­fac­turing process of checking the entire func­tio­nality of the product. Under the harsh...

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Private Equity Invest­ments

Clear Walter is friendly private equity investor. We support start-up compa­nies to grow to next level and help them to bring their product...

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Our Global Service Network

To be as effective as possible in reaching our goals, we have built a global network of company offices and factories in the NAFTA region, Europe and China.

A clean climate and environ­ment drive us

Clear Walter understands the short-term urgency and long-term challenge of climate change. We, as part of society, would like to contribute to positive changes which are conducive to the improvement of the climate and environment.

Clear Walter focuses on the investment and development of technologies for clean air; transport electrification (motor; battery thermal management; HVAC; lightings); clean water management.

Clear Walter sees the reduction of carbon emissions by 50% in 2030 and the long-term ‘zero emission’ plan by 2050 as both an achievable and challenging goal. We would like to build our business in such a way that we are a part of the positive changes contributing to making our planet a better place to live.

Profit with us from a better future

Let‘s create a clean and green future together. Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

CEO & Co-Founder
Walter Scheufele
Clear Walter GmbH
Zähringerallee 25A
75177 Pforzheim